Previous Exhibits:

Berliner Freiraum has had the wonderful opportunity to exhibit a variety of artists since we opened in May, 2014.  The previous exhibits have had wonderful artists who have used a variety of mediums (oil paint, water colors, and photography), as well as addressing some very poignant themes.

Themes that have been addressed include intercultural families in Berlin (BERLIN hearts) and dealing with the disappointment created when dreams are not realized (Not Yet but Soon).

We have also had the opportunity to support a community in Bosnia that was deeply impacted by the floods in the spring of 2014.  Artists from Bosnia donated their works, which we exhibited to raise funds and awareness (Art for Renewal).

In the Spring of 2015 we added a “Fine Arts” division, under the title of “GALLERY2.”  This gallery project, in combination with our existing work in Berliner Freiraum, allows us to make further strides in using art as a way of engaging ourselves in our culture and community.

14. Juni 2014 – 6. Sep. 2014 – Berlin Hearts

Berlin connects, puts together, what belongs together and makes no differences. People out of the whole world are moving here, families will be founded, hearts will be conquered and cultures will be united.”BERLIN hearts” portrays families and couples out of diverse cultural backgrounds in their living rooms, reports how they got to know each other and why they are actually in Berlin


21. Sep 2014 – 1. Nov 2014 – Water Colors – Susanne Pohlmann

Susanne Pohlmann studied Dance, Painting, and Social Educational Science, and lives with her family in Berlin.

She paints situations and landscapes that she has experienced and felt.    They are often abstract and inspire fantasy.  Her travels and encounters with other people and places prompt her to search after the elementary and unchanging elements behind changing places and situations.  She manages to capture on canvas the sensory experience that we often feel in the distance.


22. November 2014 – 10. Januar 2015 – Not Yet but Soon – Mai Kawakita

Mai Kawakita is a visual artist who studied Communication Design and Crosscultural Communication. She started creating her own Art objects since 2008. First ,her aim was to materialize on paper things that we cannot physically see but we can feel. Now she has a big interest in how the abstract communication works in Art and trying to create somehow, strange but meaningful moment with the viewers.


24. January 2015 – 28. Februar 2015 – Art for Renewal

Art for Renewal is a cooperative project between Berliner Freiraum and Izvor Center, a community center in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In May, 2014, a cyclone causing 15 days of rain affected a large part of Southeastern and Central Europe. Along with Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina were greatly damaged after the heaviest recorded rain in 120 years.

62 people lost their lives. Floodwaters caused over 2,000 landslides. In 1 week of flooding, over 1.6 million people were affected.

Through a creative art exhibit, featuring close to 40 donated art works from 20 artists, we are seeking to raise both awareness and funds, with the goal of reequipping an industrial arts classroom in Maglaj. Three of the exhibited artists live there. All proceeds from the sales of the pictures will be used to repair the damage caused by this terrible flood.