Freiraum für Kreativität

Francis Schaeffer wrote:

“The arts, cultural endeavors, enjoyment of the beauty of both God’s creation and of man’s creativity — these creative gifts have in our day been relegated to the bottom drawer of Christian consciousness, despised outright as unspiritual or unchristian. This deficiency has been the cause of many unnecessary guilt feelings and much bitter fruit, taking us out of touch with the world God has made, with the culture in which we live, and making us ineffectual in that culture.”

We believe that art and creativity are an incredibly important part of who we are as people.  We all have a desire to create something and to express ourselves in creative ways.

Creativity in Play

We are a place where kids will be able to be creative in their play.  Arts and free-thinking will be an important part of our kids’ programs, as we explore ways to help kids express themselves.

Creativity through Art Exhibits

We will regularly exhibit artists who are finding creative ways of dealing with themes that are important to the world we live in.  We want to exhibit artists that interact well with culture and our role in culture.

Creativity through Music

Through interactive worship evenings and small living room concerts we will offer people a venue to share their musical talents.  We especially want to give songwriters a place to invite their friends to hear their new work and interact with a small audience in a personal way.

We also want to allow worship leaders an opportunity to practice, rehearse, and gather people together to interact with a worship theme in a way that a normal Sunday morning gathering does not allow.