Freiraum für Entfaltung

Entfaltung (Unfolding) is a wonderful word to describe our need for development.  It indicates that our usefulness does not just come from the addition of new skills, but that we also begin to find ways for those skills to be used.

Berliner Freiraum is a place where people can learn new skills – through small groups, classes, and special workshops we offer the opportunity for people to learn more in areas of faith, develop new languages, and maybe learn a new skill.

But we also offer a place where people can begin to put the skills and talents they already have into motion.  People can come and play games in a different language, be a part of a community group where faith is a focus, display their art, work with kids, or lead a workshop.

Check out our program to see if there is something you would like to participate in, or contact if you have artwork to display or would like to lead a workshop!